Bound to Others, Broken in Script

by David King on February 7, 2013

The challenge in life is not to give into rules and regulations; to abide by some call of duty; or to follow script. We are not bound to such social devices. We are bound only to each other, and to the moment.

To give into this reality is the challenge.

I knew early on in life that I was someone who did not take well to rules. I was not a rebel by any means. In fact, detentions and grounding were uncharacteristic of my youth. At an early age, however, I was somehow confident that rules and regulations were in place for people unlike me.

Pretentious, perhaps. Self-righteous, probably. But I don’t care how it sounds. I don’t need to be told that stealing is wrong, or that it’s dangerous to speed through a school zone. No manslaughter? Got it. … Keep Reading Here


The Inevitabilities of Love and Regret

by David King on September 6, 2010

Eight years ago, I wrote the following: “Regret is a completely unnecessary feeling in life.”

I lied.

My reasoning behind this statement went something like this: Follow your heart, do what you feel is right in the moment, and doing so will essentially prevent regret, so long as such philosophy remains at the forefront of your thoughts. This may be an ideal, but it has (seemingly) worked well for me for the past decade. What I have learned in the past couple of months, however, is that no matter the extent of dedication to one’s gut reactions or “heart,” regret is still very possible and in some cases (like NOW), it is all-consuming. I do not say this lightly, for my dedication to the ideal was quite solid and unwavering. Nevertheless, I now find myself in a situation where regret … Keep Reading Here