Bound to Others, Broken in Script

by David King on February 7, 2013

The challenge in life is not to give into rules and regulations; to abide by some call of duty; or to follow script. We are not bound to such social devices. We are bound only to each other, and to the moment.

To give into this reality is the challenge.

I knew early on in life that I was someone who did not take well to rules. I was not a rebel by any means. In fact, detentions and grounding were uncharacteristic of my youth. At an early age, however, I was somehow confident that rules and regulations were in place for people unlike me.

Pretentious, perhaps. Self-righteous, probably. But I don’t care how it sounds. I don’t need to be told that stealing is wrong, or that it’s dangerous to speed through a school zone. No manslaughter? Got it. … Keep Reading Here


2-Month Long Oil Leak?!?!

by David King on October 24, 2009

So in case you’ve missed it, an oil rig in the Timor Sea (off the Northern coast of Australia) has been leaking for two months. Tomorrow will be the Thai-based company’s FOURTH (yes, not 1st, not 2nd, not 3rd, but 4th!) attempt at repairing the leak, which began in late August and has resulted in a slick covering an area of several thousand square kilometers. Leaking at a rate of 400 barrels of oil PER DAY, 1200 tonnes of oil had been dumped by Sept. 14th alone (and yup, it’s continued leaking for 6 weeks since then).

So what’s going on in terms of conservation and clean-up? Not enough it seems…other than dropping chemicals to disperse the oil, as seen in the picture above, and attempting to monitor things. And why hasn’t the Australian government done more? Apparently there’s been … Keep Reading Here


Global Warming? God did it!

by David King on April 10, 2009

No, I don’t really believe that God (if it or something like it exists) has caused global warming…

I do, however, believe that modern religions (particularly Christianity) have failed the planet and the environment miserably. Despite the popular Christian belief that life exists nowhere else in the universe, I have yet to hear of any religious leaders, Christian or otherwise, who are too concerned about saving “the only life supporting planet in the universe.” Why not? This is, perhaps, one of the most perplexing ironies of Christianity (and often creationism) that comes to mind: God creates the one and only Earth, God creates Man, Man witnesses the destruction of the one and only Earth and does nothing about it.

Perhaps Man is simply too busy worrying about pro-choicers and the gays than to worry about the fall of the most … Keep Reading Here