Like a Cool Breeze through the Bars

by David King on August 25, 2013

Some days, I get a little closer to that feeling.

Most days, however, I’m not convinced. Most days, I wonder how everything got like this; how we let everything get like this. And I speak both personally and collectively; as individuals, as families, as a species, how did things get so out of control? Perhaps it’s a vicious cycle, a feedback loop of sorts – once the ball is dropped, it just keeps rolling, increasing exponentially in speed with every turn. Maybe it falls, maybe it stops. Maybe, someday, this all ends, and the loop closes.

Lately, I’ve gained a new perspective on the feelings of my youth; in particular, the feelings of unrest and discontent with the way things are. In my relentless tendency to view all things as connected, and to advocate for the connections among all … Keep Reading Here


What is Happiness?

by David King on July 22, 2009

Happiness is a tricky word…and an even trickier idea.

We all strive for it, and many of us claim to have found it. But it seems to me that many speak of happiness in a way that simply contrasts the concept with sadness or discontent.

Is this how happiness is conceptualized? As one end of a dichotomy? Are we automatically happy if we are not sad? If this seems too simple, then what do we do when happiness is conceived as a continuous scale, on which individuals can range from somewhat happy to very happy? This gets complicated, for how does one know if he/she can be HAPPIER???

As a universal human ideal, happiness is probably the most elusive goal ever strived for, ever longed for. Do we really know what we’re looking for? In some corners of the world, … Keep Reading Here