Finding Yourself

In Times Past, and Somewhere in Between

by David King on June 20, 2013

Once upon a time, things were easy.

That’s the curse of adulthood though, isn’t it – to look upon the past with eyes of envy and regret. It is how most lives are played out, with one foot rising toward the future and the other planted firmly in the past. To free it, to loosen it from its grip, is to truly live.

But it is not without its sacrifices, for the past is who we are. The past is everywhere we’ve ever been; it’s every breath we’ve taken, every word we’ve ever spoken, every memory formed. We are very little, it would seem, without these pasts that restrict us so.

This is the predicament of adulthood; the challenge of moving forward in time. We are all caught in it, at some point along the way. Some fare worse than … Keep Reading Here


Remnants Heard

by David King on January 30, 2013

In my time spent as an actual adult (which has really only been about a third of my life), my perspective on time has experienced a remarkable shift. Days are no longer only escapist opportunities for future wonderment and anticipation. While some distortion of this remains, days are also opportunities for deep reflection and reminiscence – the stuff born of more mature realities. The stuff that regrets are made of, if you have dared to digress.

I don’t know what to do with it all, really. After five big moves in five years, a lot of loss, and a few heartaches to wear on my sleeve, I feel surrounded by it. The residue is thick, and the remnants plentiful. I look around my place, and it’s right there, in everything I see. It’s in both new and old, both bought … Keep Reading Here

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Knowing Who You Are, Myth 4

by David King on October 3, 2012

In a previous post, Knowing Who You Are, Myths 1-3, I outlined 3 prevailing myths associated with modern identity formation. Very roughly, these myths ascribe the following conditions to knowing who you are: 1) this state requires consistent and predictable behaviour, as perceived by others; 2) this state is impossible without mainly logical and rational examination and exploration of life; and 3) this state is optimized by the commitment to a single life trajectory or career path, which, after all, typifies a strong sense of self.

As I previously indicated, these perspectives are bullshit, remnants of an immature and entirely uninsightful stage of human development. Things are never so black and white.

There is a fourth myth, but this one resides somewhere between identity formation and identity resolution. The fourth myth is simple, really. It is the idea … Keep Reading Here


The Search for Truth…or, Tripping Over Figments

by David King on October 11, 2009

The word TRUTH is perhaps the strangest of all human inventions. This, as of late, has become very clear. I have come to the conclusion that to equate truth with reality is a serious mistake.

Reality is a tricky thing, as it is accurately perceived only by myself, just as it is also accurately perceived only by you. When we try to fit these realities together, there inevitably manifest inconsistencies and varying (or even opposing) interpretations. Why? Because reality is a thing owned by the individual, not by the collective mass. It is that which is perceived and interpreted WITHIN an individual’s temperament, disposition, history, climate, geography, political atmosphere, family, and the list goes on. More importantly, it is that which is created IN our consciousness. You might say, then, that to find reality is to find one’s self.

Truth, … Keep Reading Here


Spirituality or “Reconnectuality”?

by David King on June 9, 2009

So in thinking about modern spirituality, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps it has forgotten what it’s all really about. It is quite clear to me that, shrouded in new age fantasies and home-grown theories about the origins of life, there exist three fundamental goals of spirituality (admittedly, among others): (1) to reconnect with one’s natural environment, (2) to reconnect with deeper, core aspects of one’s self, and (3) to live in the moment and/or experience sensations of “flow” in one’s daily reality. What has me bothered? The fact that all of these things are regularly experienced by practically all other species on Earth. The first of these is a given: Other species have no need to REconnect with the natural environment because they are already connected and innately intertwined, thriving on their ecological interdependence. The second goal … Keep Reading Here


The Modern Expression of Ideas

by David King on April 18, 2009

According to the Oxford Dictionary of Current English, an idea is “a thought or suggestion about a possible course of action, a mental impression, or a belief.” I will add to this the suggestion that ideas are a fundamental component of our intellect – a defining aspect of being human – and key to our past and present survival as a species.

So what’s bothering me? Their expression in the modern world. Yesterday, it was announced that celebrity Ashton Kutcher beat out CNN in number of followers on the newly popular facebook-ish website Twitter. In an interview, Ashton optimistically acknowledged that control over the media was shifting, from conglomerate media empires to individuals, and that websites like Twitter allow individuals’ voices to be heard in a way that was never before possible. So aside from offering yet another medium for … Keep Reading Here