Hollywood’s recent obsession with superhero movies has met its fair share of criticism. And I get it. With so many outlandish storylines and nonsensical scripts (never mind the parade of sequels despite abysmal sales), it’s no wonder so many hero flicks are frowned upon.

But they’re not all bad. In fact many have been quite good – intelligent, well written, believable, and with depth. The Batman Begins/Dark Knight trilogy comes to mind, as do V for Vendetta and Kick-Ass. Movies like Ghost Rider, on the other hand, need to be deleted from our collective memory (or at least mine).

That being said, the growing obsession with superhero movies can be described as a phenomenon of sorts. Recently, an article in GQ suggested that this phenomenon reflected a larger shift away from original screenplays and towards branding – the … Keep Reading Here


To be alone, or not to be alone…is there a question?

by David King on November 5, 2010

There is an old adage that we’ve all heard, directed at us or someone around us, that goes something like this: “You need some time alone.” Or similarly, “Some time to yourself will do you good.” Many individuals further adopt this as a lifestyle of sorts, bragging about how much they’re “too busy for a relationship” or “enjoy living alone.”

The former of these may be the most irritating, for they are wrought with assumptions and presumptions and condescensions. None of us has the right to suggest to another that they should deny their natural mammalian drives to pursue social interactions and to find a mate. And sure, perhaps we’ve somewhat overcome these “simpler” needs and drives in light of our heightened self-consciousness, but even so, being aware of ourselves as separate, distinct beings surely only reinforces our need to … Keep Reading Here

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