In This and Every Fall From Grace

by David King on November 4, 2013

You can try to hold on if you want to, but your grip is sure to loosen over time.

Grace is a virtue often defined in religious terms, but it need not be so. I have made the suggestion that many expressions of religion and spirituality are the mere products of our desire to reconnect with nature. In its purest form, nature is grace; grace is nature – effortless beauty, simplicity in elegant design, rounded, smoothed, and charming, even when it’s not at all.

It’s right there. It’s all around us, in every drop of water, in every moment of the hydrologic cycle. It’s in the bonds between atoms, in the synapses between nerves, and in the air between each breath. It’s both photosynthesis and decomposition; both mitosis and meiosis; stalagmite, leaf, and root. It’s the ice and the snow; … Keep Reading Here


Forever Bound: An Adventurer’s Angst

by David King on March 18, 2013

I’m a romantic, but not in the way that’s restricted to love and relationships. I’m a romantic in the most traditional sense of the word – I have a spirit for adventure, a need for excitement, and an eye for mystery. I want to see things that have never been seen, do things that have never been done, and feel things that exceed the ordinary and mundane.

I want to scrape the stratosphere with the soles of my shoes, dance with the darkness of the deepest seas; I want to climb the highest mountains and keep climbing higher, for to stop is to become complacent, and complacency doesn’t mix well with adventure. Nor does the modern world.

From what I can tell, the world has all but extinguished real opportunity for adventure. Discovery is a near relic of times past, … Keep Reading Here