Restoring Humanity: An Appeal to Kindness

by TamilSelvan Ramis on July 21, 2013

humanity Preface from David: In an effort to support the voices of others who are similarly bothered, I am publishing a letter from a previous student with whom I had the pleasure to associate briefly at the University of British Columbia. Selvan was an outstanding student, and recognized as such by the university via multiple undergraduate awards of the highest caliber. Yet more importantly, he is a respectable global citizen, demonstrating a relentless passion for human rights and freedoms which I had the opportunity to witness firsthand. This letter is a plea – a plea to stand up for humanity, and to take a participatory role in its rescue. In this way, it is also a plea to get bothered, and to start thinking critically and seriously about the future of humanity. I implore everyone to get more active. Please start by liking Selvan’s Facebook page, Restoring Humanity, and help spread the word.

Have you ever thought you have lost all your faith in humanity? While some scholars claim that we are living as better human beings today, we never fail to notice the continued atrocities around the world. I am sure you can come up with a long list of atrocities without me giving any specific examples. Such immorality makes us wonder if humanity is doomed today.

It might be helpful to recall one of Mahatma Gandhi’s great advices here: “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” Yes, although no acts of immorality should be trivialized, it is important to always remind ourselves that we should not lose hope in humanity due to a small percentage of wickedness that happens around us. It is also essential to keep in mind that we too are part of the greater humanity and capable of shaping it positively.

It is in this positive spirit, the Restoring Humanity (RH) project was initiated in February 2013. Essentially, the RH project is aimed at promoting humanity around the globe. The project entails:

1. Sharing acts of kindness with fellow RH Facebook page (Restoring Humanity) followers. Followers are encouraged to do any random acts of kindness (e.g., holding the elevator for someone, paying the toll for a person behind, donating blood, etc) and share the stories with RH administrators. If followers have a story to share, they can send a brief description about what they did and/or a photo capturing the moment of kindness. Alternatively, they may let RH administrators know if someone did something kind to them. Followers may include names in their messages or can make them completely anonymous. There are more than 200 RH followers and they have shared a number of kindness stories thus far. Here is one of those stories: “A best friend of mine asked me yesterday, ‘I know you listen to others’ problems. Do you have someone to talk to if you need?’ I was truly touched. Questions like this can make someone’s day, or even better can save a person from a potential tragedy.” This example story reinforces Kevin Heath’s notion that “No act of kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many.”

2. Operation Restoring Humanity. Through this, RH page followers are provided with suggestions of acts of kindness to perform such as registering as an organ donor, and are encouraged to share their stories of executing the suggestions with RH administrators.

3. Humanity Rangers. This is a recent initiative through which appointed Rangers will plan and execute acts of kindness projects around the globe. Currently, the Rangers are planning a visit to homeless people with some basic items such as food and clothes.

RH administrators believe that a compassionate world would not be a reality if we just constantly criticize our fellow humans and distance ourselves from them. It is only by performing our own acts of kindness towards others, we can affirm the kind of world we dream of.

Thus, if you feel you are losing faith in humanity, why don’t you try restoring it? Among many things, you can start by being part of the RH project. You can share your stories, carry out Operation Restoring Humanity suggestions, or apply to be a Humanity Ranger.

Humanity is the one thing that connects us to our fellow human beings. So, let’s act humane and play an active role in restoring our faith in humanity.

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