Nature, Naturally

by David King on October 24, 2010

In the midst our daily hassles and misfortunes, we often find ourselves in need of more. Sometimes wanting more means wanting another person, a particular someone who will lift us up, or love us. Other times, wanting more means wanting peace, or quiet, or time to ourselves to reflect – and perhaps even dream.

This ‘longing for more’ is an inherent quality of being human. Striving, goal-setting, progress – these are fundamental aspects of being alive. But they are also fundamental sources of hopelessness, worthlessness, and despair, for the pressure is enormous. As individual human beings, we MUST progress. We MUST endure. We MUST work, and build, and accomplish. This constant force is often life-defining, but with its enormous weight comes abundant opportunities for failure. And it is in these moments that we often lose ourselves.

Some cope with such existential guilts and anxieties by working even harder, or by setting new goals, or by drowning themselves in love. Others choose food, drugs, alcohol, running, movies, or various other forms of addictive place-holders. Whatever the case, none of us should ultimately be defined by our meaning-making methods of choice, no matter their makeup or outcome, as they are products of the world in which we are raised. Instead, we need recognize that we are all coping with the same impossibilities of being human. By recognizing this truth, we may find ourselves never truly alone, and therefore never truly wanting more.

In the meantime, connect with nature. Nature is not a mere place-holder; rather, it is a timeless container for all that we are continuously seeking – peace, beauty, reflection, connection, hope, and most importantly, unconditional love. Naturally.

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