Dream but Assume Not

by David King on September 22, 2010

dream The truth is, we don’t know a damned thing about anything.

In the moment, of course, we think we do. Sometimes we think we have it all figured out, that we’ve somehow become aware of the greater plan. In such moments, we are surely always mistaken, for nothing ever fits that neatly into the box that is our life. This is not to say that moments of “clarity” are wasted; to the contrary, they are valuable and meaningful experiences that help to guide us, to move us forward. Nevertheless, to ever assume that the full path is known, or that the universe is correcting itself, is to express the up most naivety. We are but a small collection of particles in the grand scheme of things, and our knowledge is limited to this time and space – to here and now. That’s all we ever really have.

Continue dreaming, and imagining, and planning. But it is wise, I believe, to not assume to know what the universe has in store for us at any given time.

(Watching for signs along the way is always helpful, of course, and can make for a fun ride.)

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