At the Edge: Course Corrections & Beating Hearts

by David King on May 7, 2010

Throughout life, there exist moments in which time slows nearly to a halt. These moments are offset by equally startling (yet less indulgent) moments in which time moves at an impossible speed, propelling us into a future with which we’ve barely engaged or considered. In either moment, however, the result is the same: Time ceases to exist.

These moments are often enriched by the rare experience of flow – the perception of a momentary existence void of any past or present, any self-conscious considerations, any negative emotions, and any worry or concern. To stumble upon these moments is surely nothing short of miraculous, as they validate a human existence which is not at all meaningless, regardless of an individual’s convictions.

And then there are signs, synchronistic indications that you are on the right path (or perhaps rather, that there is no right path because everything you are doing is right simply because you are doing it). The insight gained from these signs should not be overlooked, for the meaningful connections in our lives have the potential to remove all stagnation, boredom, and fear. In their place is left a feeling of awe over life itself – over being alive and living this existence.

The rarest experience of all may occur when time becomes impatient, when flow is overlooked, and when signs are ignored. There comes a time in everyone’s life when life itself must be rethought, retooled, and reinvented. And sometimes we need a push. I believe that there is a path for each of us. Whether or not this path is set in stone and can be redirected is a topic of another conversation. Nonetheless, just as I believe in signs, I believe that these paths exist. Of all the experiences in my own life, it has been the experience of course correction that is by far the most profound and enlightening. To know oneself, and to know what is best for oneself is the easy part. To know how to get there is another story. Yet the experience of being lifted from one’s current position and dropped where one belongs is the greatest possible confirmation and affirmation of a life that is both meaningful and purposeful. Furthermore, it is an affirmation of the self which transcends time and space, exceeds the clarity of flow, and potentially erects a sign which is larger than the world itself – a billboard of massive existential proportions, born in a heartbeat, revealed to us by the sun and stars. Such moments of course correction – of being redirected and put onto the right path – are epoch. Such moments are transcendent. Such moments are everything, and to ignore them is to ignore one’s soul.

They say that it’s lonely, here at the edge. And at times, that may be true. But it is at this edge where magic is possible, where the past and present are the same, where thoughts can manifest immediately, and where true love exceeds all limitations of a single heartbeat. To live anywhere else is to not live at all.

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